Use Cases

Use case 1

Supporting communities

The Office of Arts and Culture - Seattle

In September 2019, Artists Up (a funder collaborative between King County 4Culture, the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and the Washington State Arts Commission) partnered with Mentorly to provide online mentorship sessions to Washington State artists in need of creative feedback and business counseling - especially those historically under-served by funding agencies. With the onset of COVID-19, the scope of the program is being expanded to connect Washingtonians with experts who can help them navigate housing, income, health care, and other pandemic relief resources.

Our collective goal to provide quality and accessible online mentoring to under-represented artists across the state has over-reached our expectations with Mentorly. Ashley and Katherine have demonstrated exceptional organizational capacities, astute awareness of artists’ needs, high-level customer service, reliability and integrity. In present and undetermined crisis mode, we anticipate online services continuing to surge and be on the frontlines. Our partnership with Mentorly will be on an equal course.

Heather Dwyer, Irene Gómez, Miguel Guillén - Artists Up ǀ 4Culture, ArtsWA, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Use case 2

Students and alumni

Mentorly has partnered with two Montreal universities to provide their Fine Arts students with access to high-level mentorship provided by Fine Arts alumni.

Both are able to offer Mentorly’s digital mentorship solution to improve student performance and wellbeing, gaining key insight into their needs and overall experience, while keeping alumni engaged with their alma mater.

Use case 3

Large networks

Réseau Mentorat

Réseau Mentorat is Québec’s largest mentorship network providing over 3,000 member entrepreneurs with access to in person mentorship. In light of the Covid-19 crisis, Réseau M looked to Mentorly to support its mentorship offering by taking sessions online as part of a 6-month pilot program.

The Montreal Mentoring Network is proud to partner with Mentorly to offer greater accessibility to mentoring for entrepreneurs. This online mentoring platform offers videoconferencing and simplifies, among other things, the management of the mentoring relationship by giving more autonomy to mentors and mentees. A successful first pilot phase in Montreal and Laval could lead to more widespread use throughout the network and be part of the digital transformation of the Mentoring Network.

Valérie Danger, Development Director, Réseau Mentorat, Montréal

Use case 4


Creative Arts Competition

Mentorly has partnered with prestigious US University for the past 3 years to provide its digital solution as a means of facilitating and tracking mentorship sessions held between participating students and alumni in a creative arts competition.

Originally, sessions were held in person and little insight was garnered from these exchanges, and participation was limited to the immediate area. With Mentorly, the competition has not only scaled the number of participants, alumni mentors, and sessions, but can also benefit from insightful data and recommendations ensuring the health and success of the mentorship program and overall competition. From 2018- 2020, mentorship within the program increased by 72%.

Furthermore, in light of Covid-19, despite campus locking down, sessions continued and the competition was ultimately held online, ensuring that students’ hard work wasn’t wasted.

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